Alpaca Fleece

Alpaca fleece is a beautiful soft, warm natural fibre. Alpacas have to be shorn every year and the raw product can contain tiny traces of natural items such as leaves and twigs. The majority of these are removed during washing and carding thereby leaving a fibre which is ideal for needle felting or for stuffing those sewing projects. Regarded as hypoallergenic, Alpaca fleece is great for use as a cushion filler.

Many Alpaca owners breed for high quality fleece that will eventually find its way into the manufacture of clothing items. I do not look for this level of quality in my fleece as I prefer to offer a product that is affordable to crafters. My alpacas are happy and healthy and simply donate their coats once they get too hot in them.
'Custard', 'Cloud', and 'Cherry'
'Custard', 'Cloud', and 'Cherry'